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VisionZambia works with the Linda community in Zambia to advance educational opportunities, relieve poverty through income-generating activities and promote health.

VisionZambia are Friends Helping Friends. The VisionWorks for Life global community supports friends in Linda in partnership, so that both groups can develop and learn from the relationship

The 45,000 people who live in Linda are challenged by a lack of basic services, poverty and pervasive HIV. Many children are orphaned at a young age or cared for by their elderly grandparents. VisionZambia works in partnership with the Linda community, so that both groups can develop and learn from the relationship.

VisionZambia supports the local school in Linda to teach over 2000 children, many of them vulnerable, and prepare them for a better future. Click here to find out more about our campaign to provide scholarships for pupils to to transform their lives and prospects.

VisionZambia covers the running costs that enable Mother of Mercy Hospice to provide free palliative care to patients with TB and HIV/AIDS. Click here to discover more about the health projects.

VisionZambia provides a co-ordinator to support Women’s Savings and Loans groups which foster financial independence and small business ventures. Click here for more information on the women’s initiatives we support.

VisionZambia funds a sports programme which encourages young people in Linda to work collaboratively and channel their energies positively. Click here to see how this programme supports teenagers in Linda.


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Please take a few minutes to read our appeal.
Help us change the lives of children in Linda.

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