August 30, 2013

More than half of Zambians are 16 years old or younger and therefore the country’s educational system is extremely overburdened. The allocation of resources is a serious challenge. Lack of infrastructure, insufficient teacher training, and a struggle for resources mean that nearly 260,000 children ages 7-13 are not enrolled in school.

Education is especially important for women and girls in Zambia. Only 64% of Zambian women are able to read and write meaning women are trapped into cycles of poverty and marginalisation. Educated girls grow into educated women, who – research shows – marry later in life, have healthier babies and are more likely to educate their children.

VisionZambia have been supporting Linda Open Community School for the past 8 years and we know the community well. In this video you can see the work that we have done


“This is a place where there is nothing but the blackboards and notebooks, and yet, there is a huge amount of education going on. It is exciting to see what can be achieved with, what we would consider, very little in terms of resources” Susan Allen, Chairperson.

Please help us to help Linda Open Community School.