September 6, 2013

‘Women are the heart of the family. She holds the values of the community’ Mary Rose – Women’s group leader

We have met many inspiring women in Linda Compound. Women who want to change their futures, the future of their children and the future of the community. These women are motivated, organised and dedicated to working together.

Everybody benefits from training. In the UK we have training courses for business development, innovation, resource management, digital media, the list goes on and on and on and on and on. The women of Linda Womens Association are thirsty for training. They are ready to learn new skills and apply themselves in order to make a more secure future for their families.

All over the world development success stories such as BRAC and SCAD linchpin on providing their communities with continuous training that keeps people in difficult situations moving forward in their lives. Now that we have helped to build the Linda Women’s Association a hall for their activities we want to also help to provide them with local training in the areas that they need so that they can keep moving forward too.

Please watch this video about the Linda women


To help us to support their training please