Tiyende Pamozi

by | Oct 4, 2013

Tiyende Pamozi is a group of 23 women who live in Linda. They are one of four groups in total who make up the Linda Women’s Association. Tiyende Pamozi are engaged in farming, baking, knitting, sewing hand bags and keeping chickens. They help the double orphans that live close to them by paying for their school fees and take extra food to widows and elderly people in their community. They charge each member 20KW (23p) per year to be members of the group. Mainess Haminda, a member of the group says

“our goal is to make sure that our children are looked after properly and not to have a lot of mothers just sitting in their homes doing nothing. At least they should have their hands engaged, No!”

Vision Africa_small-171

The women of the Tiyende Pamozi group are engaged and ambitious, they want trainings from VisionZambia in catering, tailoring, accounting and marketing their products so that they can sell them at higher prices. Help us to train the women of Linda compound.


Watch a video about the inspirational women of Linda below.


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