A light of hope for children under five 

by | Jul 11, 2014

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One in ten children in Zambia die before their fifth birthday. In a class of thirty students, three are not going to survive. In a community like Linda compound these statistics are far higher.

Most child deaths are due to malnutrition which drastically increases the risk of children getting pneumonia, diarrhoea or malaria. Two out of three child deaths are preventable. Which means that you can do something about it.

At VisionZambia since the beginning of this year we have provided bags of heps and mealy meal which are staples for 131 under fives – 52 boys and 86 girls.

At the light of hope clinic supported by VisionZambia the children come to be weight once a month and their mothers praise the lord to see them growing.

We have just signed a funding request to start giving the clinic soya beans every month and if you want to help us you can

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