Magic Hands of Africa

by | Jul 6, 2015

Untitled1Sandra Kasonso started Magic Hands of Africa because she is passionate about finding a solution that will greatly help women in Zambia.

We met Sandra on our Feb 2015 visit to Lusaka, when Patricia’s detective work to find out who had made some lovely beaded angels tracked her down.

Sandra is one of those superwomen who also has a full time job and has been trained in business management; her skilled team of women makes a range of beaded goods so providing employment. Beyond that she has set a goal this year and VisionZambia wants to support it:


“Our 2015 goal is to raise funds to educate 40 kids and give $150 grants to 10 women to invest in their small businesses. Buying just one keyring will help us get there! Thanks!”

VisionZambia now has 300 beautiful beaded keyrings and you too can support Sandra. Whether you choose an angel, a heart, or a butterfly, they make great gifts. And you know you’re supporting Sandra and her team at Magic Hands of Africa.


Sandra was so excited by our order, her biggest so far. She wrote to us:

So from your order, I have identified one women I will empower with K1,000 and reinvest everything back in the business. Her name is Audrey and she has been helping manage our Arcades stall for close to five years. She’s been so faithful and hardworking even during our very rough moments when I literally had nothing to pay her. She was orphaned at a young age and grew up with distant relatives. She’s a single mother of one. A friend was opening a small safe_image.phpgrocery stop in her compound and I recommended she hire Audrey to help her earn extra income. She worked in the shop for close to a year but still helped manage the Arcades stall. My friend decided to close down the shop because it wasn’t bringing in enough funds and she wanted to focus on other things. Luckily she gave Audrey all the stock in the shop and a fridge too.
Rather than let the shop close, Audrey took the plunge and decided she’d continue paying rentals and run the shop. Early last year she asked me to loan her a K500 to help her get some new stock, but I had no funds to loan her. I liked that she took up the challenge but was sad that I could not assist. She has miraculously kept her little shop open and now I can help her with a grant of K1000!

Hope my model works, just trying it out and will learn with Audrey as I help her on this journey. So once again, thank you for making it possible for me to do this through your order for 300 keyrings!

To support women in Zambia buy your Magic Hands of Africa keyrings >Click here<


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