Save a child like William

by | Nov 16, 2016

VisionZambia are launching an appeal to raise £60,000 for the Mother of Mercy Hospice in Chilanga, Zambia. We’ve worked with the Hospice for many years and we see the incredible lifeline it is for the community.

William and his mum were admitted to the Mother of Mercy Hospice in Chilanga in February 2016. They were both very sick, William’s mum was in a critical condition. William was malnourished and diagnosed with TB. He was eighteen months old and weighed just 6.5 kg. He had never taken a single step.


William was referred to the Hospice’s outpatient clinic. With the right medical treatment and nutritional supplements he quickly recovered and was discharged home. For the last few months he has been given formula milk. Now weighing 10 kg, he recently started to walk and is getting stronger every day! After a few months his mum was also discharged and is now doing very well.

VisionZambia works with the Mother of Mercy Hospice to care for children and adults with HIV/AIDS, TB & Malaria. Your donation is urgently needed to save lives and give children and adults hope for the future.

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The Hospice is a ray of light in the community, and treats thousands of people every year. Please watch this video from Jeff and share it with your friends.



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