It’s not too late too make a difference this Christmas

by | Dec 16, 2016

“As many of you know. Africa is the place of my birth; it is part two of who I am. Africa gave a lot to me and it feeds my soul to give back to it through the Mother of Mercy Hospice near Lusaka” Jeff Allen

Hospice Appeal

We recently launched our latest appeal telling the story of William and his mum who were admitted to Mother of Mercy Hospice in Chilanga, near Lusaka. Without the care they received, they would not have recovered.
All money we raise goes to the Mother or Mercy Hospice whose staff work hard to care and treat those who desperately need it. We have raised an incredible amount so far and it can only get better.

Please give what you can this Christmas.

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Improvements at Linda Community School

Headteacher Doreen Nzila has made huge improvements to the school over the last year, with help from VisionZambia. We match-fund the parents’ contributions and this partnership is reaping big rewards. These pictures tell the story.

“Thanks for what VisionZambia has done for Linda school and many have come along because of you.”  Doreen Nzila

Zambia’s HIV ‘warrior’ MP taking taboos

Princess Kasune is one of Zambia’s most outspoken HIV activists and was elected as an opposition MP in August.
She tested positive for HIV in 1997 and the next year went public about her status, defying her husband – and traditional taboos – in doing so.

The thermometer is still rising… £3778.11

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far. Your love and support means so much to the people at Mother of Mercy Hospice. 

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