Friends Helping Friends

Being a small charity, we focus our efforts on building relationships between two communities – the international seminar and coaching community we facilitate as trainers, and Linda township itself.

Our concept for ‘Friends Helping Friends’ was founded on the principles of VisionWorks and many of our members and supporters are part of this community.

VisionZambia believes it is important to devote its energies to ensuring that Linda Community enjoy success and equality, whilst achieving their own aspirations and rediscovering the richness of their ancestral and cultural past, at the same time embracing modern technologies and new ways of doing things. Our shared experiences are enriching and empowering.

Our Principles:

Partnership and success – when we are in partnership with others we are naturally successful because the dynamics of partnership, which are bonding, intimacy and balance, are also the dynamics of success.

Effective communication – the key to change and transformation is communication and transparency. We are committed to becoming more and more effective in all our communications with beneficiaries, donors and partners.

Equality – if we do not consider ourselves and others as equals, we fall into the trap of sacrifice, which many of us hide by going independent and therefore creating co-dependency. There can only be love and sharing and support between equals.

Integrity – we value integrity, recognising its importance to us as individuals and as groups, because it is through being honest in every aspect of our lives that we discover our true nature, and the true nature of others.

Service – A contribution to bettering humanity is an important part of everyone’s purpose. Service requires giving unconditionally.

When we are in partnership with others, we are naturally successful through the dynamics of sharing. Through sharing and transparency, the path develops for more effective communication and positive change. As equals we believe in the growth of relationships through love and support; we value integrity and recognise its importance in helping us live with truth. Our contribution of giving without condition serves to better humanity and is our purpose.

We have never pretended that it is easy to work in Africa. Finding time for regular trustee visits, dodging power cuts, chasing resorts, and joining hearts and minds can be frustrating. Yet there is huge joy and resilience in Linda, and we are privileged to be welcomed into the heart of the community.

We encourage communities of people that already connect through careers or interests, regardless of size, to group together and create your own ‘Friends Helping Friends’ model for empowering communities through partnership.

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