Let the past drift away with the water – African Proverb


When VisionZambia first arrived in Linda in 2003, there was a poor and irregular water supply. Women spent hours walking to fetch clean water, others were forced to drink from contaminated shallow wells. Cholera was rife.

VisionZambia supplied a powerful borehole pump, overhauled the storage tanks and upgraded the control valves. In 2006 a second borehole and storage tanks were installed which fed water to the wider community meaning thousands more people could get water and some directly to their homes. Businesses in Linda flourished.

The community contributed by digging the trenches for the pipes. There was a lot of interest as the projects took shape, plus a great deal of celebrating when a new standpipe came on line.

In 2009, a third borehole at Nagatingi completed the coverage of the majority of Linda. Donors enabled us to supply the borehole, pumps, tanks, and standpipes, plus the electricity supply.

In 2013 and 2014 VisionZambia undertook its final water project, building two boreholes and two wells for Zone 8 – the last remaining area of Linda without water. The Zone 8 committee has since learnt to run and sustain the project, supplying clean water to over 5,000 people. They charge a small amount of money for the water and this has become a successful self-sustaining business with profits being reinvested in the community.

Zambia’s rainy season can deliver damaging tropical deluges, which generate an ongoing need for maintaining and upgrading infrastructure, such as toilet facilities for teachers and students at the school.

How Can I Help?

There are several ways to contribute to VisionZambia. You can make one off donations or sponsor one of our projects through a monthly subscription, plus we have selection of beautiful handmade crafts courtesy of Magic Hands of Africa. All these options are available in our new shop.

Or you may wish to contribute to our Project Pot which goes towards our larger one-off initiatives in Zambia. Read all about it here.

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