We work with our partners the Mother of Mercy Hospice and the Light of Hope Health Care.

The Mother of Mercy Hospice in Chilanga, near Linda, offers free palliative care to patients with TB and HIV/AIDS. There are few alternatives to the hospice locally, so for many people it is a rare beacon of hope. Thanks to our supporters, VisionZambia has been able to cover the running costs that have allowed the clinic to function including supporting nineteen staff.

The Hospice runs an outreach programme several times a week taking medicines and food to patients in the poorest parts of the community who are too weak or live too far away to make the journey. The construction of a much-needed X-ray and administration building is now almost complete and the Hospice will soon be able to start radiology services.

Light of Hope Health Care, a community organisation, offers vital services such as a growth monitoring and feeding programme for children under five and the supply of infant formula milk to mothers who can’t breast feed because of health problems. VisionZambia has also supported the provison of a Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT) service to help people determine their HIV status with over 800 clients being advised and tested last year. The Clinic holds sessions three times a week, offers a door to door service and attends sporting and other events to offer accessible, yet confidential, testing to this community which is so impacted by HIV/AIDS.