Women’s Saving Group Training Event

by | Jan 5, 2021

VisionZambia were delighted to fund and support a training weekend for the village banks that are run by women, for women in their communities.

119 women from 12 different banking groups attended a two day workshop in November. This was held at Linda Community School Hall courtesy of Doreen Nzila who offered the space at no charge.

The training was facilitated by experienced trainers in savings groups methodologies:

Ms Mercy Muyenga Daka and Ms Emmy Mwalongo guided the women through various disciplines and methods.

These included the importance of a written constitution to calculating loan interest and the formulae to do this.

There are already many success stories to report and the groups are a reassuring presence in the women’s lives.

Anna Chiluba used to rely on family members to loan her money but it never went well. Now she has found a place she can turn to for financial support.

Luciana shared her success story of building her home and business through the scheme which has enabled her to educate her children and grandchildren. Her son has now managed to secure a full scholarship to the University of Zambia.

In this empowering two-day event the women learned how to create and be in control of their own wealth whilst working with each other through using the village banking system. To us, this is a perfect example of Friends Helping Friends with disciplines and experience that can be taught and handed down to future generations.

Thank you to Mainess Hamida for her role in organising this event, and to trustee Sandra Ndona Kasonso for attending and reporting back to us as the event unfolded.

View/download the extended report.


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