Health is priceless – African Proverb


We work with our partner the Mother of Mercy Hospice in Chilanga, near Linda, which offers free palliative care to patients with TB and HIV/AIDS. There are few alternatives to the hospice locally, so for many people it is a rare beacon of hope. Thanks to our supporters, VisionZambia has been able to cover the running costs that have allowed the clinic to function including supporting nineteen staff.

The Hospice runs an outreach programme twice a week taking food and other supplies to patients in the poorest parts of the community who are too weak or live too far away to make the journey. It is essential that these patients eat whilst taking their medication and this outreach programme is an invaluable lifeline.

The Hospice has recently started providing radiology services in a much-needed X-ray and administration building provided by VisionZambia. The next phase of development will be the provision of a separate TB isolation ward.

Read more about the Hospice’s work at their facebook page.

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