Who we are

The Trustees

VisionZambia is made up of seven trustees and one administrator. Most of us are based in the UK with strong links to Africa. We visit Linda Community two to three times a year to work with our partners on our various projects. 

Every one of us thanks every one of you who makes VisionZambia possible.

Sue Allen

Susan Allen
Susan (Chair) was born in London but lived in Sri Lanka and Washington, as her father was involved in international development as an economist. After a career in educational publishing and teaching history in secondary schools, Sue became a trainer with Psychology of Vision. She is particularly drawn to supporting the Linda Open Community School and the women’s groups.

Patricia Campbell Parker

Patricia Campbell-Parker
Patricia was born in Kingston, Jamaica and came to the UK in the early 1960s. She trained as a nurse then switched careers to become an air stewardess, which took her to Africa on many occasions. More recently, Patricia set up her own practice as a natural therapist. She is passionate about ‘friends helping friends’ to make life more comfortable for the Linda community.

Ruthie Alexander Morgan

Ruthie Alexander-Morgan
Ruthie has mostly worked in education in the UK, specialising in emotional wellbeing and Mindfulness meditation. She is now teaching Mindfulness in a hospice in Wiltshire where she lives. She has been a volunteer with the Samaritans for many years, and feels passionately about providing support for young people around their emotional and mental health. She found her first visit to Zambia in February 2017 inspiring and has seen the difference that VisionZambia makes in Linda township.

Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen
Jeff was born in Kenya and has a passion for Africa. He has been a trainer with Psychology of Vision for over 25 years. With his wife Sue he is the author of several books, and he lectures all over the world. Jeff was also closely involved in bringing clean water to Linda and is delighted to note the resulting profound drop in deaths from diseases born from dirty water.

Georgie Horton

Georgia Horton
Georgia was born and raised in Africa, but has also lived in Italy and the UK. She is a painter, textile designer and maker. She has a deep love of nature with special interest in communities, conservation, ingenuity and sustainable systems. She is committed to helping to ensure education and opportunities for the children of Linda.

Sandra Ndona Kasonso

Sandra Ndona Kasonso
Sandra was born in Kitwe, Zambia but has been living in Lusaka since she was four years old. She is passionate about social entrepreneurship, educating less privileged children, and empowering women by either providing a source of income for them through her social business, Magic Hands of Africa or providing them with interest free loans to invest in their small businesses. She currently works full time for an education technology company that uses technology to provide quality education for primary school going children.

Gail Johnson

Gail Johnson, OBE
Gail was born in Gloucestershire and lived there for most of her life, moving to London in 2012. She retired from a long career in teaching in 2017; having started her career in the secondary sector, but for the last 18 years working in Early Years. She now runs an Early Years business in South London. She is passionate about supporting young families. Her love of Zambia began with an independent trip to the Mother of Mercy Hospice and Health Centre in 2017, when she took educational resources for the teachers and children at the school next door. She also visited Linda Community School in April 2019 this year having learned about both the Hospice and the Linda community through VisionZambia.


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