A Model for Empowering Communities through Partnership

VisionZambia is a charity based in Wiltshire, England with our origins going back as far as 20 years when Jeff Allen first facilitated workshops in Lusaka. Born and raised in Kenya, it wasn’t long before Jeff was drawn to more active involvement on the ground via a local hospice in Chilanga.

Established as a Charity in 2013, we have successfully supported a community near Lusaka with a model of self-empowerment through building sustainable relationships.

At present our relationship is with a large community in Linda Compound, near Lusaka. Approximately 55,000 people live in Linda and most are challenged by a lack of basic services including health care, education and access to water and sanitation. In addition HIV is pervasive in this part of Africa and many children are orphaned at a young age or cared for by their elderly grandparents.

VisionZambia believes that it is important to work in true partnership with the Linda community, so that both groups can develop and learn from the relationship.

Our Charitable Objectives:

  • the advancement of education and training
  • the relief of poverty through income-generating activities which become self-sustaining
  • the preservation and protection of health

Our Model
The model we espouse centres around partnering with an African township and through this nurturing of relationships a natural empowerment evolves.  It’s our ethos that learning together gets the best results.  We have a proven record that our model works.

Our key model principles:

  • Effective communication
  • Equality
  • Integrity
  • Service
  • Partnership and success

Since the inception of our work with Linda Community many projects have materialised such as;

  • new classrooms for a community primary school, and 6 classrooms for a new secondary facility
  • 3 new boreholes, 3 pumping stations, miles of water pipe and numerous standpiper
  • salaries for a local hospice serving thousands of patients with HIV/Aids and TB
  • support for a local clinic working with infant health and adult education
  • women’s savings and loans groups
  • a community centre

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