We know many wonderful and inspiring female leaders in Linda. These women, with VisionZambia’s support, have come together to spearhead exciting projects in the community.

Women in Linda have always worked hard in their homes or on their land but many of them have now set up formal groups of women. Some grow herbs, such as coriander and maize, some keep chickens to sell to their neighbours, and others are making school uniforms, children’s clothes or much-needed sanitary pads, in order to generate income for themselves and their families.

VisionZambia is supporting an initiative to organise Savings and Loans schemes for the Women’s Groups by providing the training and co-ordination. Watch this video to hear more from our local partners about the impact of this scheme. In supporting these women, VisionZambia is helping the wider community because it is the women who care for neighbours, nourish the children and nurture the land. It is our hope that these women’s groups will continue to organise themselves, receive the training they need and pass it on to their friends, and to save enough money to support their own development in the future.

Each time trustees visit the Linda community they take donated bras and give them to the women. Bras are expensive in Zambia and are treated as a luxury rather than a necessity; donated bras can be kept as a treat and sold to support women’s businesses.