What are you doing with your old bras?

by | Mar 7, 2013

Bras are taken for granted by millions of women living in the UK. We put them on every morning and take them off every evening and occasionally buy a new one. However in Zambia many women don’t have bras that they can wear every day. They don’t own a bra.

On VisionAfrica’s last trip out to Zambia we took with us 250 ladies bras kindly donated by women in the UK. We all have bras in our draws that sit in the back and never see the light of day. They are either too big or small or not to our taste. Well these can go to good use. Women in Africa need your donated bras.

We were able to give the 250 bras to the women that organise the Linda Women’s Association. We hope that these 250 bras can begin to make these beautiful women some money in their local communities. Through selling these bras at a low cost they can afford to set up a local bank account and begin to gain some financial stability.

We are really enjoying supporting the women in Linda to start to create their own development. If you have any bras that you are willing to donate please contact info@visionafrica.co.uk

Many thanks.


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