Water is a human right

by | Aug 23, 2013

Human beings cannot exist without water; 60% of our bodies are water and without a healthy source, human beings suffer serious illness and sometimes death. Yet at this time in countries in Africa, Asia and South America nearly 780million people lack access to clean water – that is one in nine people or nearly two and a half times the population of the USA. This is a human tragedy.

What if the other eight out of nine people who do have access to clean water pooled together and made an effort towards helping that one person out of nine to claim his human right to life? That doesn’t sound too difficult to do, but HOW is the question. How can we ensure that the people who need water have sustainable, well-maintained water systems that serve their communities now and into the future? How are we still so behind on this global target when many charities and governments place water provision centrally in their aims and objectives?

VisionZambia partnered with the Linda compound in Lusaka, Zambia for this reason. We wanted to use money donated to us to directly assist communities that we have relationships with to have a better standard of living and in this way know that we are delivering water to the best of our ability to people who desperately need it.

Watch this video about the work that VisionZambia do in Africa and how we do it.

We want to expand our work with water provision and start working with a new community in Linda who desperately need to have better access to water. Currently they travel far for water that is only turned on periodically in the day or use chlorine sachets to prevent them from getting diseases. If you want to help us bring water to more communities in Africa please donate now.


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