The Linda girls football team

by | Nov 29, 2013

Light of Hope Girls Soccer Team 022

The linda girls football team is doing very well in their league. In total they are 28 girls, from various backgrounds who are vulnerable at their young age to falling into drinking, drugs and early pregnancy. The football training sessions and games provides them with something to work towards. For those that are not in school Light of Hope are providing them with personal tutoring sessions to try and get them back into education. The girls, supported through VisionZambia, tell us that they love playing football and now that they have their kits and more training sessions they are better prepared for their league.

Josephine, one of the players who is 19 and currently at a local secondary school says

I joined Light of Hope soccer team in 2010. Before I joined I used to play around with boys and get into drinking and smoking but from the time that I joined my life has changed and the lives of my friends around me. Now we have something to do and we meet regularly as a team and support each other. I love playing football. Thank you to VisionZambia for supporting us.


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