Girl Power

by | Mar 2, 2014

Linda Women’s Association is an umbrella group of various women’s groups in Linda. Over the last two years we have donated around 1500 bras collected from the UK and America, and the women have sold them to raise money for their income generating activities. It was great to see our friends again today and catch up with their news.

The not-so-secret power of the women is that whatever they generate benefits their children, their families, and beyond. They are the ones who look after the old and the orphans, and whose communication is the glue that binds the community together.

The Association goes from strength to strength. These women are buzzing with ideas to generate income, from growing mushrooms to solar drying of leaves and herbs, from crocheting hats to raising chickens. When we told them that VisionZambia would match fund whatever money they banked there were smiles all round. Their vision is to arrange interest free loans amongst themselves, and manage the repayments too. Our meeting ended with a prayer and a song, and we look forward to seeing them again on Friday for more brainstorming, creativity and fun.

If you want to know more about the women in Linda you can watch this video



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