Our Mission, Vision and Principles

by | Dec 7, 2017


VisionZambia is committed to building ongoing relationships with communities in Zambia and from these relationships answering the calls for help especially inregard to our charitable objectives that include:

  • the advancement of education and training
  • the relief of poverty through income generating activities which are self-sustaining
  • the preservation and protection of health.



VisionZambia believes it is important to devote our energies to ensuring communities in Zambia enjoy success and equality, whilst achieving their own aspirations and rediscovering the richness of their ancestral and cultural past.



VisionZambia was founded on the principles of Psychology of Vision. Many of our members and supporters are part of this community.Therefore we are committed to the following principles:

Partnership and success –

When we are in partnership with others we are naturally successful because the dynamics of partnership, which are bonding, intimacy and balance, are also the dynamics of success.

Effective communication –

The key to change and transformation is communication and transparency and we are committed to becoming increasingly effective in all our communications with beneficiaries, donors and partners.

Equality –

If we do not consider ourselves and others as equals we fall into the trap of sacrifice, which many of us hide by going independent and therefore creating co-dependency. There can only be love and sharing and support between equals.

Integrity –

We value integrity, recognising its importance to us as individuals and as groups, because it is through being honest in every aspect of our lives that we discover our true nature, and the true nature of others.

Service –

Our contribution to bettering humanity is an important aspect of everyone’s purpose. Service requires giving unconditionally.


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