Opening Ceremony for the New School Build

by | Feb 15, 2019

It was a joyous occasion when we attended the opening of Linda Community School’s first secondary classrooms.

The school is amongst our key projects and this new facility opened in 2018. We are very proud to report that over 2,000 pupils now benefit from steady education, partly as a result of our match funding scheme plus input from major donors (especially Vivien Leung and the Waterloo Foundation).

Charity Founders Sue and Jeff Allen were delighted to be guests of honour at the opening ceremony along with Chinese guests who also donated generously.

This community has had no secondary facility for young people since independence in 1964 and delighted headmistress Doreen has raised its reputation significantly, giving us the reassurance that our efforts will be effectively maximised.

Pictured here Doreen Nzila

We will soon be announcing an exciting development for the school but meanwhile let’s enjoy this video memory of the opening in October 2018. For more information about the school please see our Education page.



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