School Progress

by | Aug 23, 2019

A warming scene from a trustee visit.

The school is now able to help over 2000 students giving them the vital chance to attend 12th grade. Gaining a grade 12 certificate is essential for securing a job or having the opportunity to go to college. Children who leave education at Grade 9 have little prospect of employment and face a life of poverty and all the risks that entails in a country where there is no state provision making this endeavour even more valid.

More children will have a chance at proper employment and improved life chances, thanks to you.

Linda Community School is thriving. However, your continued support is vital for helping children like Phoebe to flourish. Here is Ghika having a chat with Phoebe. Phoebe lost both her parents and her studies suffered as a result. Scholarship funding is being used to help her repeat some years of her schooling so she can re-sit her exams. Phoebe and VisionZambia are so grateful for your ongoing support, which gives her the opportunity for a brighter future.


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