Trustee Visit – Focus on Sports

by | Feb 6, 2020

Twice yearly our trustees head off to Zambia to observe the progress of the projects that, with your help, we are able to fund. This time it was the turn of Patricia and Gail. It’s vital to see first hand how our charity is benefitting so many lives in this community in Zambia. This blog reports the importance and progression of sport that Gail and Patricia were able to enjoy.

Sports Programme 
Inextricably linked to the school and Linda community is a Sports programme that we contribute towards. For instance in 2019 we supported the resurfacing of the netball court so that matches could be played locally instead of having to travel outside of the area.

Josphat Maimasa is a PE teacher who supports many clubs and leagues and is passionate about what he does. He is a very committed individual, moral and religious in his approach to life and is an ambassador in supporting women’s football in Lusaka. In 2018 the Football Association of Zambia officially released the first ever League fixture for Under 17s Girls which enabled many of the Linda Community School students to engage with female sports. Patricia and Gail had the pleasure of meeting Bertha, an emerging female football star.




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