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by | Jan 4, 2018

Before VisionZambia arrived, women walked for hours to fetch clean water, many people were using contaminated shallow wells and cholera was rife. Supported by our donors and the local community, we installed bore holes and pumps across Linda which gave over 5000 people access to clean water. Read more here about the Water project.

VisionZambia now concentrates support in the areas of Health, Education, Women and Sports.

According to the World Health Organisation one in ten children in Zambia will die before their fifth birthday. Most child deaths are due to malnutrition which drastically increases the risk of children getting pneumonia, diarrhoea or malaria. At the Light of Hope Clinic, supported by VisionZambia, children come to be weighed once a month and the clinic offers a feeding programme for the under fives. Light of Hope also provides nutritional support to elderly members of the community with HEPS (High Energy Protein Supplement), Kapenta (sardines) beans and mealie meal. We support the Mother of Mercy Hospice which provides free palliative care to patients with TB and HIV/AIDS. Read more here about Health programmes.

Access to education is the key to a positive future for the young people of Linda. VisionZambia works with inspirational headteacher Doreen Nzila of the Linda Open Community School to improve and maintain quality and introduce new initiatives. In 2017, the school started to operate as an official examination centre, meaning the older children no longer have to walk the 10km to the nearest exam centre. Read more here about what VisionZambia is doing to support Education in Linda.

We have met some inspiring Women in Linda who are working tirelessly to change their community. In supporting these women, VisionZambia is helping the wider community because it is the women who care for neighbours, nourish the children and nurture the land. VisionZambia has supported a recent initiative to organise Savings and Loans schemes for the Women’s Groups by providing the training and co-ordination. Read more about the Women here.

As young people in Linda have limited opportunities for work and education there is a danger that they can turn to drink, drugs and criminality. We support Sports programmes to enable young people to work together collaboratively and channel their energies effectively. The community continues to support the young people with over 500 regularly attending matches to cheer on the teams. Read more here about the Sports programmes.


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